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Sussex Squad Podcast

Nov 16, 2021

Hello Squaddies!! Michelle and Tina are here with you again! We have a special podcast for you all! This panel on the coordinated hate campaign on Meghan Markle, with Christopher Bouzy, the CEO of Bot Sentinel (Shout out to a black man starting a tech startup!), Stephanie Guerilus, a...

Jun 8, 2021

Welcome to the world: Lili Diana! Queen Lilibet Diana, you are a blessing to your parents Harry and Meghan! We are sure your big brother Archie Harrison is excited to have you in his life. Meghan and Harry are truly blessed and highly favored. Thank you Queen Doria for your never-ending support of Prince Harry...

Feb 15, 2021

SHE CAME, SHE SAW, SHE LEFT, SHE FOUGHT, SHE WON!!!! YES YES YES!! We are so stinking proud of Meghan Markle! She was unbossed, Unbowed, unbothered! The message here is you never cower in the face of insurmountable abuse! You stand and you fight! Well done #MeghanMarkle you stood to the bullies in the royal family and...

Feb 7, 2021

Hello everyone, welcome to the Sussex Squad podcast where we talk all about Meghan Markle news and Prince Harry !! For our 4th podcast of the year, we have Tina (The podcast lady) and Michelle. Below are the topics we discussed. Thanks for listening. Happy New Year everyone!!!



Feb 3, 2021

First, we like to thank Sonia Gartside for joining us and giving so much of herself to this incredible Sussex Squad community. This is our first episode of this series, and as we do more, we will get better. Thank you all for listening!


Sonia’s Book:

Workplace Anxiety: How to Refuel and...