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Sussex Squad Podcast

Sep 12, 2019

Hello #SussexSquad,

This week we will discuss Prince Harry’s new eco travel initiative #travalyst


His engagement with the British Army regarding mental health (time to talk)


New details have been released on the smart set collection will drop


Timeline and schedule for South Africa tour has been announced. 


Sep 3, 2019

Hello our peeps at #SussexSquad, no real show notes today because we just had a free flowing conversation. We recorded this on Saturday before the tour details were released, so we didn’t discuss it in this episode but we will next episode. We sponsoring student Journalist in South Africa, the lady calling the duchess...

Aug 27, 2019

Hello #SussexSquad,

This week we will discuss the behind the scenes  video of the Duchess at the shoot for smart Works, Harry’s engagement at the challenge cup rugby finals, the spotlight on luminary Bakery. And many more! We are not Royalist we are Meghanist!!


Charities we are supporting:


Aug 20, 2019

Hello #SussexSquad, we will update the show notes later Tina!


Where to get Meghan’s British Vogue Edit: you can buy hard copy on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles when available in the USA etc meanwhile, you can  download digital copy on Apple : on google play:


Please don’t...

Aug 12, 2019


this contains a lot of strong languages! do not listen if you are easily offended or you have kids around!
As a child victim of sexual abuse i find the Queen’s public support for Prince Andrew yesterday appalling! Not saying he is guilty but the optics on this are bad! the Queen sent a message...